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Área de Works and Services


This area carries out the following duties:
• Maintenance, restoration and improvements to public roads (pavements, manholes, wheelchair ramps, tarmac, etc.)


• Preservation and restoration of street furniture.


• Maintenance of monuments and fountains.

• Replacement and maintenance of children’s play areas on beaches and in parks.

• Reparation and maintenance of the general drainage network.

• Control and preservation of residual waters’ pumping stations.

• Maintenance of public buildings, schools and sports centres.

• Supervision of cleaning and beach infrastructures.

• Replacement and improvement of road signals (horizontal and vertical).

• Stage assembly.

• Collaboration in sporting and cultural events, local festivities and the board of fiestas.

• Maintenance and preservation of the municipal Cemetery.

• Preservation and improvements to rural roads.

• Cleaning of municipal ravines and land.

• Coordination of the municipal warehouses.

• Maintenance of the vehicle fleet.

• Responsible for the Guards squad.


Área de Works and Services

Councillor: Alejandro Collado Giner

C/Alcalde Oncina Giner, 7 2nd floor
3560 El Campello (Alacant)

Tel.: 965637200 extension: 463 (Warehouse)

Person in charge : José Antonio Juan Baeza (person in charge of works and services).


Timetable from Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 3pm.

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